sábado, 2 de setembro de 2006

The lights going on and off

In 2001 artist Martin Creed was awarded the prestigious Turner Award for excellence in the visual arts, for his work entitled "The lights going on and off". The masterpiece was a completely empty room with a faulty ceiling light that went on and off.

My guess is that he left his studio in a hurry and forgot to take the real artwork; he then showed a profound understanding of the art world by coming up with a completely uninteresting piece that was nonetheless the perfect submission for the exhibition.

People who were outraged by the amount of public money being spent on the exhibition protested with flashlights, which they turned on and off. Little did they know that the previous prize winner was some dude that painted a canvas with elephant dung...

2 comentários:

ithinkearthisheaven disse...

yep he did the great job

Miguel Krippahl disse...

Obviously, Martin Creed is an uncomprehended artist.

The tittle of his masterpiece is not, as some less art informed person might be led to believe, a description of a faulty light fixture in the art gallery, but a clear statement regarding the artist's mental condition.