terça-feira, 18 de julho de 2006

Some Expensive S**t

Some art pieces are crap, but this one is plain shit. Piero Manzoni´s shit, to be exact.

In 2002 the Tate Gallery paid 22,300£ for a work by the late Italian artist Piero Manzoni, which a gallery official declared "a very important purchase for an extremely small amount of money".
The piece, labeled "Artist’s Shit", was a 30 gram tin can containing a sample the artist’s freshly preserved feces.
As the gallery itself acknowledged, Manzoni "placed his excrement in fancy cans and proclaimed it art simply as a satirical joke against the idiotic pretensions of the art world."

As it turns out Piero, the art world is too full of itself to even care about its idiotic pretensions and paid a hefty amount (or should I say a shitload?) of money for your rectal art all the same.

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Alexandre Dias Pinto disse...

Muito interessante este post.

Curioso: escrevi um post sobre esta peça no extinto Blog Café. Ver:


ar disse...

enfim... tou sem palavras.

Miguel Krippahl disse...

I'm getting to old for this shit...