sábado, 27 de maio de 2006

Super Bock Super Rock

Super Bock Super Rock is one of the most anticipated rock festivals in Portugal. It is a major cultural event, organized by a beer company, which brings together people from all around the world (I base this statement on the fact that I heard a Spannish guy ask for a “cerveza”).

Having studied arts, I’m all cultural and shit. So off I went.

As I was waiting in line for a hot dog, I thought "cultural event my ass! At best this is a cultural way of packing thousands of people in one place and sell them shitloads of beer till they drop! oh... and there’s music too". Fortunately, I couldn’t care less about the reasons behind the festival, I was just there for the Placebo concert, so I navigated through the culturally drunk and wasted people and made my way to another really amazing performance by Placebo.

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