sexta-feira, 26 de maio de 2006

The tortured artist

Someone once looked at this illustration and said to me "you must have had a miserable childhood..." Wrong. I had a wonderful childhood thank you very much. In fact it was so good I’m still having it.

A miserable childhood would certainly have been much more artistic. It would explain the twisted monstrosities I like to paint, and fit nicely in the tortured artist stereotype. As it turns out, I paint monsters because it is fun, and occasionally because someone pays me to.

So, there you have it. I’m not chopping my ear off anytime soon. I’m fairly sane and also completely bald, so I figure having one ear would look a bit awkward. Getting laid is hard enough as it is... oh, and I have a small nose and need both my ears to hold the sunglasses.

I am however missing half an eyebrow, does that count?

3 comentários:

ar disse...

Mas que bem que ele fala inglÊs. Estou maravilhada. :)

Krippmeister disse...

Thank you very nice!

Florin disse...

Haha, for some reason I understand you much better in English, the portuguese texts are doable but put a high stress on my poor neurons...

Have u considered exploring the 'writer' side of your inner artist?