segunda-feira, 23 de outubro de 2006

The Second Best Art Critique Ever

Check out the Best Art Critique Ever here.

Turner Prize winner Douglas Gordon once installed a neon “Empire” sign with a faulty bulb on a wall of a pub in Glasgow, as a part of a municipal art project. The sign was a £200.000 (300.000€) art piece that had the letter “p” deliberately wired to blink in a way that matched that of the Empire hotel in the Hitchcock film Vertigo.
As Mr. Gordon explained, the installation aims to show that “what happens in real life is a reflection of what happens in the cinema”.

In July 2003, real life happened, in the form of a repairman that fixed the blinking light bulb, without knowing it was a valuable piece of “art”. About time too, the stupid thing was blinking since 1998.

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